I'm Sarah

Coach, writer, speaker and eternal optimist

dedicated to helping you reignite and reclaim

your feminine power and inherent beauty.

Melbourne born and raised; I didn’t plan on leaving my cushy nine to five executive roles in the fashion industry to venture into the aesthetics of the soul. My experience spanned over three decades in the industry with high profile positions, including judge on Project Runway Australia, and other major accomplishments that set me up for an ongoing future as one of Australia’s renowned experts in the industry.

Yet something didn’t feel right.

I was at odds with the disempowering nature of what beauty was portrayed as and how it led us away from our true self.

Alongside my fashion career I had spent over 25 years as a daily meditator and deep dived into personal development including practising A Course In Miracles. It seemed my two-worlds were colliding and collaborating in a wonderful new symphony to help me.

Spirit has a way of tapping us on the shoulder when there is work to be done. I knew I needed to listen.

It became clear to me that I had to change the dysfunctional patterns around dressing if I was to change the way I felt about myself. There was so much angst and preoccupation with what others thought of me that I couldn’t possibly be in my full power in the world, despite how fabulous I appeared in person or on paper.

And I realised, it wasn’t just me! After reaching out to woman after woman, I recognised we were all experiencing the same disempowering stories about how we ‘needed to look’ and I was troubled by the potential powerhouses standing before me, that were dimming their lights. Yet I understood why. The world is full of these unhelpful stories of perceived perfection and rights and wrongs in our appearance and unless there is an alternative, we get brainwashed into thinking we must play into the rule books of others

I knew that there was a way that we could challenge these stories and use the modality of dressing to reclaim our connection to our true self and our feminine power from the inside out. And I was relentless in unearthing this.

Coming Home...

After years in the fashion industry, I felt lost, alone and separate from my soul. I had got so caught up in what I needed to be for everyone else, that I didn’t know who I was anymore. I knew something had to change. Through diving deep and stripping back the layers of who I wasn’t, I came into coherence with the essence of who I am and how my feminine wanted to express in this life. The aliveness I felt was next level. I came home to myself.


Fast forward ten years and the unbelievable success in the Wearing Your Worth method has revealed more than I first set out to uncover. I now understand why this was so important.

Let me explain: The patterns we hold in relation to our self-expression in the clothes we wear are indicative of the patterns we play out in the rest of our lives. If we play small in our clothes, we play small in life, if we hide in our closets, we hide and lack confidence in life. If we mask up in our outfits, we mask up and deny our authentic power out in the world. And this means … less powerful women in the world.

I know the wardrobe is a place where you can both lose and find yourself in a very deep and profound manner. And it has nothing to do with what is in fashion and everything to do with how to express your coherent self: To reunite with your true essence and beauty, reclaim your formidable power and come home to who you really are.

Let's talk about you ...

Imagine a world where you know you are enough
Imagine a world where you feel permission to be yourself
Imagine a world where you celebrate your uniqueness

Imagine a world where your self-assurance is connected to who you are, not what you have or look like, where you feel confident to show up in your true feminine and where you feel seen and celebrated for all your individuality and your inherent beauty.

Imagine a world where you feel worthy.

There is a world like that, and it starts with reclaiming it inside you.

The time is now …

Let's talk about you ...

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