Reclaim Your Authentic Style


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Reclaim Your Authentic Style

Join Sarah Gale, Founder of the Wearing Your Worth® and former judge on Project Runway Australia, in this FREE 3 Part Training, Reclaim Your Authentic Style

I know what it is like to feel a lack of clarity and confidence in my wardrobe and how it impacted how I showed up in the whole of my life. It was hard.

I knew it could be different, and once I realised this frustration and insecurity was steeped in my relationship with my clothes even more than the clothes themselves,
I reclaimed my power and confidence in my wardrobe and I now teach women to do the same.

You can get started today with this free training.

Get ready to shine a torch on your closet and style with a whole new lens. You may never have thought about your clothes in this way before!

The Wearing Your Worth® method of dressing is easy, simple and creates certainty and confidence in what you wear, no matter the occasion.

Reach deep into who you are and unlock the conditioning that has held you back from dressing with full vigour and showing up in the world as your fully expressed self.

It is my desire for you that you let go of indecision, frustration and insecurity in what you wear and move to feeling:

... every time you get dressed.

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