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Learn How To Express Your True Self & Feel Confident & Radiant In Your Clothes Everyday


What they say ...


Wearing Your Worth has changed me in ways I never would have imagined. This course is about so much more than clothes. Each morning I now get dressed with such ease. I know exactly what to put on to anchor me in my power. And I haven’t spent a cent on new clothes (Yet! When I do I now know exactly what to buy). This course has taught me that how I show up on the outside is transmitted deep into my core and can open and show off powerful parts of me – my true essence.


Sarah is a genius when it comes to helping you understand why you wear the clothes you wear and how they make you feel. I was equal parts excited and scared as I let her into my wardrobe and she so gently unpacked all my beliefs and stories around clothing and feeling good.

Ladies ( and I say ladies because I don’t think men care as much about clothing! ) do yourself a favor and work with Sarah asap. I am telling you – it is life changing!


I didn’t know what to expect but it was seriously one of the most soulful and joyous experiences, where I was able to understand how to translate who I am through the outward expression of clothes (Using whatever was already in my wardrobe). It’s altered the way I will dress forever, and challenged areas where I’ve been hiding. It’s also obliterated the mindset that to dress well I have to spend a lot of money!!! Sarah combines intuition and energetic sensitivity with years of fashion know-how. She is such a rare, rare find.


Say hello, to Wearing Your Worth®.

Hosted by Project Runway Australia’s Sarah Gale, you’ll explore your psychological relationship with your wardrobe, unveil the patterns keeping you stuck in dressing turmoil and discover your unique Style Essences.

A Deeply Transformational Online Course For Women. This fulfilling and rewarding program takes you on a nurturing and inspirational journey through your wardrobe back home to your true self.

Become your own inner stylist, and say goodbye to hiding in your clothes and diminishing your true beauty. Uncover your unique Style Essences and show up in the world feeling a profound aliveness and confidence as you embrace a new state of being, and embody a higher energy to become the true creator you came here to be.

Experience greater levels of certainty, confidence, power & connection in your personal and professional life.

How do I know this will work for you?

I’ve been in the fashion industry for over three decades, including a judge on Project Runway Australia and I’ve held senior executive roles in the fashion world.

Yet, I still used to feel the angst and insecurity in what I wore and my self-expression out in the world.

I knew how to put an outfit together, so it was obvious that the issue went deeper than my clothes. I would turn up to places not feeling like the true me and uncomfortable in my own skin. I experienced a lot of self-judgement and I knew I couldn’t fulfil my potential or live joyfully from this place.

I wanted to feel empowered in my authentic self everyday.

As a daily meditator and personal development enthusiast for over 25 years, I got curious about my feelings and the pain became my greatest teacher.

That’s when I truly recognised the power of the wardrobe. It provided the answers and became my ally in the journey to reconnecting with my true self and embodying self-love, true beauty and authenticity, in what I wore and beyond.

That’s why I created Wearing Your Worth®.

Beneath the angst lies your divine empowered self.

The WEARING YOUR WORTH® course will help you embrace the parts of yourself you don’t yet love and embody your divinely-awesome self.

  • Do you feel anxious, insecure, or indecisive about getting dressed?
  • Do you struggle to find your authentic style and feel like your wardrobe is a source of stress and frustration?
  • Have you been searching for a way to discover your authentic Style Essence and create a wardrobe you're excited to wear each day?
  • Are you eager to resolve disempowering beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck?
  • Are you tired of feeling self-conscious, uncertain and unconfident in your clothes?
  • Do you long to feel ease and joy in dressing, show up in your full power and ignite your inner magnet to create what you truly desire?

If you answered yes to any of the above,

the WEARING YOUR WORTH® course is for you!



• Learn the Wearing Your Worth® Method

• Discover your own unique Style Essences

• Embrace and reignite your current wardrobe (without spending more)

• Learn ways to shop wisely and easily


• Release emotional angst, anxiety and turmoil associated with dressing

• Develop a deeper and authentic connection to self and others

• Embrace your body, authenticity and unique sense of style

• Raise your energy and be the creator you came here to be


• Transform how you show up and feel in professional settings

• Develop a greater presence and impact in work related relationships and environments

• Experience a new-found confidence to go after your dream opportunities

Let go of who you think you need to be and reconnect with the essence of who you are.


Renée Searles

Sarah is a master of her craft. Her skill and understanding of the power of personal style is world class. She’s a game changer for the face of the feminine at this crucial time in history. This work is life changing

Tess Carpenter

Sarah has an ethereal way of drawing out parts of yourself that have been unknowingly locked away at the back of your mind and closet.

I was blown away by her authenticity and grace alongside her ability to make me feel empowered over all aspects of myself. Sarah will leave you sparkling inside and out…

Devon Harris

My self esteem has skyrocketed. I love and cherish each item in my wardrobe, chosen deliberately, with purpose and certainty…

Now that my wardrobe is congruent, everything else is able to flow.


She (Sarah) absolutely, intuitively unhooked the parts of myself that I was hiding, not honouring … this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself in my life… we elicited the three fundamental core style essences that have me fully illuminated in all aspects of myself. Making me feel vibrant and vital and seen for myself. I now have access to saving hours of time, thousands of dollars, but more importantly fully connecting to the heart of who I am and feeling unbelievably congruent inside and out. I want this gift for every single woman.”

What people are saying...

"Completing the Wearing Your Worth Course has been so insightful in regard to how my clothes makes me feel.

It allowed me to access what was already available in my wardrobe, so that I could have a variety of outfits that would really embody my true self.

It has been so empowering to use Sarah’s unique concepts to really embody who I am.

We uncovered part’s of me that I never even knew were there!
I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who may feel that there is something missing from their outfits, or just feels uneasy with pulling outfits together. This course will link those missing pieces. Absolutely worth it!"

~ Jo Fisher

"Your course has taken some time for me to integrate and it has been more than worthwhile. I could never have imagined opening my wardrobe without angst and dismay as to what to wear today. It was generally same same and comfort and ease based.

Now there is nothing in my wardrobe that is questionable. It’s simply mind blowing.

What a joy it is to now create each morning, and throughout the day feeling into what resonates with my 3 essences. I never imagined being able to be so fully present with people … unaware that there was an unconscious conversation previously running in the background about the discomfort of the clothes I was wearing or my appearance. That is no longer present when I fully dress wearing my worth!"

~ Sandra Levin

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