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It's Time To Stop Hiding. Unlock Your Full Potential.

Experience Greater Levels Of Certainty, Confidence, Power & Connection When You're Wearing Your Personal Style Essences.


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Your Wardrobe Is A Catalyst That Can Transform Your Life, Relationships & Career.


Do You...

✨ Feel anxious, insecure, or indecisive about getting dressed?

✨ Want to discover your authentic Style Essences?

✨ Desire a wardrobe you're excited to go to each morning?

✨ Yearn to feel confident in your clothes?

✨ Wish it was easy & fun to get dressed?

Hello, I'm Sarah Gale

I don’t just see a wardrobe full of clothes…

I'm about to awaken your relationship with yourself, through your wardrobe, in a way that shows you a tangible representation of where you are stuck and where your potential is unrealised. We will reconnect you to the heart and soul of who you were born to be, before the world imprinted on you.

After 30+ years in the fashion industry, being a judge on Project Runway Australia, a VP in the start-up of The Iconic, and held Senior Executive roles in the fashion world...

I'm now on a mission to teach you what the fashion world doesn't want you to know.

How you feel in your clothes, has less to do with your body & clothing and everything to do with your relationship with yourself.

- Sarah Gale

As a daily meditator and personal development enthusiast for over 25 years, I know that your wardrobe is the catalyst for the change you're desiring in your life.


Renée Searles

Sarah is a master of her craft. Her skill and understanding of the power of personal style is world class. She’s a game changer for the face of the feminine at this crucial time in history. This work is life changing


Sarah is a genius when it comes to helping you understand why you wear the clothes you wear and how they make you feel. I was equal parts excited and shit scared as I let her into my wardrobe and she so gently unpacked all my beliefs and stories around clothing and feeling good.

Ladies ( and I say ladies because I don’t think men care as much about clothing! ) do yourself a favor and work with Sarah asap. I am telling you – it is life changing!


Wearing Your Worth has transformed my life. I feel more confident socially and in business. Choosing clothes to wear every morning is now a fun process. The biggest takeaway was finding my three essence words. This has made personal branding so much easier… Your work is valued by so many people.

It's time to throw the negative self-talk away and step into your full potential.


I didn’t know what to expect but it was seriously one of the most soulful and joyous experiences, where I was able to understand how to translate who I am through the outward expression of clothes (Using whatever was already in my wardrobe). It’s altered the way I will dress forever, and challenged areas where I’ve been hiding. It’s also obliterated the mindset that to dress well I have to spend a lot of money!!! Sarah combines intuition and energetic sensitivity with years of fashion know-how. She is such a rare, rare find.

Tess Carpenter

Sarah has an ethereal way of drawing out parts of yourself that have been unknowingly locked away at the back of your mind and closet.

I was blown away by her authenticity and grace alongside her ability to make me feel empowered over all aspects of myself. Sarah will leave you sparkling inside and out…

Carly Zalakos

I’ve been doing self-development work and delving into spirit for over 10 years.

If you want to actually change your life and dive deeper into understanding who you are and how you show up in the world, doing this work with Sarah is an absolute necessity! I feel a sense of peace, stability and knowing within myself that I have never felt before.

We need more women feeling like goddesses and queens; stepping into their power and being in fierce alignment with their hearts and souls.

Elizabeth Bates

It was wonderful … it felt like a real turning point for me. I felt that you gave me the opportunity to connect with myself in an unexpected way through my wardrobe … I sense a permission and … confidence which seems deeper than what I’m wearing, but almost because of what I am wearing… I guess this is the meaning of alignment and true expression of Self… discovering something buried deeply within…

Michelle Black

Truly transformational. I have so much more clarity, confidence and congruency with my authentic self.


I have felt nothing but huge, life-changing benefits from this program … I would absolutely recommend it to every woman I know … The benefits have gone far beyond what I would have expected from a ‘style session’ – I think it’s more a “Soul Session with a Style Base” Sarah is one of the most wise and intuitive women I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with. I am SO connected with myself now that I can hear my instincts and my heart and my thoughts again!